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Just because you couldn’t make it doesn’t mean you can’t make it great. Use CHEQ to send & receive food and drinks. Try sending a drink now.

Send a Gift

It’s not bragging if you really went there.

Check in with CHEQ and share your favorite sushi spot, or tell us who you got a gift for.

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What is CHEQ?

With our app, you can send and receive gifts at restaurants, stadiums, hotels and more.
Send your bestie a Negroni sbagliato -- with prosecco in it. Treat your friend’s bachelorette party to a round even if you’re on a business trip.

CHEQ 101

A beginner’s guide to social-gifting.

Can’t Make it, but still Made it

Toast your friend on their birthday with their favorite drink or meal. CHEQ gifting makes it possible.

Celebrate the Good Times

With CHEQ gifting, distances melt away and you can deliver personalized gifts to keep the good times coming.

Make Their Night

Send a bottle to your beau and make their night extra special. CHEQ gifting allows you to make someone’s night memorable. no matter where you are.

Break the Ice

Don’t know how to say hi? Take the first step by gifting them a drink. With CHEQ you’ll always have a wingman by your side.

Friends Giving

Buddy out on a date and you want to help him flex? CHEQ them something that will really make the night memorable.

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Download CHEQ here

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