CHEQ: The New Way to Restaurant

When you partner with CHEQ, you’ll be putting yourself on the path to profit in no time. Through a combination of thoughtfully deployed next-gen technology and insider know-how, we’ve curated an app that benefits your bottom line while creating lasting guest loyalty.

Seamless signup / frictionless integration

​Better POS-sibilities

With CHEQ, you’ll have no setup cost, no equipment cost, no ongoing subscription fees or activation fees and no monthly fees. Our frictionless payment platform integrates into your existing POS, making transitions easier for both restaurants and guests. And we only take a small fee on a high volume of transactions instead of the standard transaction fees you’d normally pay on credit cards.

Immediate profit boost

Discover Immediate Benefits

​​Our app creates instant value for you, like lowered labor and product costs by reducing send-backs, chargebacks, staff redundancies and the possibility of theft. And by allowing your staff to concentrate on the dining experience instead of the headache of orders, you’ll increase staff retention. You’ll also be able to completely design our app to align with your existing marketing materials, maintaining a consistent brand voice across all touchpoints.

Better customer experience

Only the Best for Your Guests

We’ve placed the priority where it should be: on your guests, boosting return visits and overall satisfaction. They’ll have the ability to be seated and order more quickly, receive personalized, dynamic digital menus, maintain all their accrued loyalty points in a single app, and pay on their mobile devices, all while keeping their information safe and secure.


Unique insights. Unparalleled Loyalty.

​​CHEQ aggregates real-time data about your customers, revealing their preferences and buying habits so you can effectively create an individualized experience for them. In addition, you’ll be able to see this data at the beginning of your guest transaction so you can provide them a tailored experience from beginning to end, ensuring repeat customers and building a network of online superfans.


We Believe in You

We’re more than just a piece of technology; we’re a part of your community. That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is by offering a stake in our company. We call this our CHEQuity program and through this program, we offer our Restaurant Partners the chance to opt-in to earn a stake in our equity by allocating a portion of their fees into “CHEQuity.”

Learn More About CHEQuity

Upgrade the Dining Experience

Your guests are the center of everything you do. That’s why CHEQ designed an app to make it easier to order, dine and pay, all in one place. With CHEQ, you give your guests unique, personalized service to turn them into superfans who keep coming back.

No Fees

The Free, Future-Forward Way to Dine

The best things in life are free—and so is CHEQ. Guests don’t pay to use the app, and restaurant partners don’t pay any incremental costs, either. Isn’t it time technology helped the restaurant industry instead of trying to profiteer off it?

Contactless ordering

Guests’ Safety First

​Today, guest safety is a top priority. CHEQ understands that, which is why we developed intuitive, digital menus that can be accessed via the app. We also offer guests the option to order ahead, so they can skip the line when they arrive. Finally, we know how important it is to offer contactless payment, so we designed a digital payment method that guests can use to check out and you can use to make sure no one leaves with an unpaid check. It’s a new era. It’s time for our service to catch up.

No hassle checkout

Secure Payment

The security of your guests’ payments is paramount. With CHEQ’s payment capture, your guests can rest (and eat) easy knowing their information is stored safely. And just like more traditional apps, guests only have to enter their payment method a single time to use CHEQ over and over.

Accrual of points in one place

Loyalty Is the Point

​CHEQ lets you own the guest experience through your own branding lens, which means your loyalty program can be integrated into the CHEQ wallet so your guests will reap their rewards automatically. But with CHEQ, guests will earn twice the benefits: once through your dedicated program and the second, through our own. And because the CHEQ wallet aggregates separate reward programs into one platform, it’s a cinch for your guests to manage.

Amazing guest experience

CHEQ Gets Your Guests

When guests use CHEQ, they’re treated like royalty. Our app remembers their favorite establishments and what they like to order at each. At bars or pubs they don’t have to jostle with other guests to speak to the bartender; they can simply order off the app. At cafés, they can skip the line and pick up at the counter. At casual dining, they can pay as soon as they’ve finished their meals without having to wait for a server. They can even send food or drinks to their friends remotely. Best of all, when they’re ready to leave, CHEQ takes the headache out of bill splitting so they can do what they do best: enjoy themselves.