What are of the benefits of using the CHEQ app for my guests?

Here are just a few of the benefits of using CHEQ for your guests : 

  1. The App is  always free to download and free to use.  Yes, they need to pay for their food and drinks! 
  2. CHEQ provides a contactless experience for browsing the menu, ordering food and making payment; and it’s all done on their personal device.  
  3. The CHEQ app can be used at participating restaurants throughout the USA; there is no need to download a different app for each reataurant they visit. 
  4. Guests can use the CHEQ App to order ahead or as soon as thy sit down; there is no need to wait. 
  5. Guests can send their CHEQ-MATE a drink, dessert or anything on the menu from anywhere in the world…how cool is that!