How CHEQ makes success possible during pandemic?

Including contactless ordering/checkout

​Don’t Get 86’ed by Covid-19

In today’s uncertain climate, the success (health? Unsure if this makes light of the more serious issues at hand) of your restaurant is more at risk than ever before. We get it. And we’re offering a better way to do business. CHEQ eases the anxiety by lowering labor costs, providing contact-free ordering, pickup, checkout, and increasing customer loyalty and availability. It’s the safe, socially-conscious solution that supports you.

Reduced labor costs

​Greater Efficiency. Less Waste.

​Integrating CHEQ into your service results in more table-turns, reduced send-backs, shrinkage, chargebacks and dine and dashing. Because of a more streamlined process and a focus on guest experience versus ordering logistics, you can also reduce your staff if needed. All of which results in an increased bottom line for you.

No fees for setup

​No Additional Cost. Really!

CHEQ works by charging per transaction just like credit cards do. So you’d be swapping out one transaction fee for another at no additional cost to you. But does “no-fee” really mean no-fee? Yes.

  • No fee to start accepting CHEQ.
  • No equipment to buy or lease
  • No monthly fee or subscription fee
  • No lock-in period
  • No activation fee

A more cost-effective option than existing external partners

​The Freedom of Risk-Free

​But CHEQ also serves as your free online ordering system so you don’t have to feel beholden to larger services who take big bites out of your operating costs. CHEQ is the truly risk-free option that frees you up to manage your business.