The CHEQ That Gives Back

​We believe in more than just creating the best on-premise dining app; we believe in the people who make service possible. The restaurateurs and owners who are passionate about the food, the beverages, the experience, your staff. And because of your relentless dedication, we want to give something to you: a stake in our equity. We call this our CHEQuity program.

How CHEQuity works

A technology platform built to serve

We believe we’re the first socially-conscious tech company to offer this kind of incentive. To opt in, simply elect to allocate a portion of your transactional fees back to CHEQ in the form of CHEQuity. As our business grows, so does your stake. It’s a simple way to say “thanks” for giving us a chance. And a smart way for you to create a cushion for your business.

CHEQuity strong

Through our CHEQuity program, you’ll be able to connect with other program members, building an extensive network and lasting bonds. A far-reaching community filled with like-minded folk.

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